Jalapeno Pepper Flakes

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Jalapeno Pepper Flakes

These are not your grandmother's pepper flakes. Victoria Taylor's Jalapeno Pepper Flakes are just as spicy as the jalapenos from which they come, boasting a 6-7 heat index on a 10 point heat scale. For those of us that love spicy foods, it's not just the heat that satisfies, it's also the flavor. Victoria Taylor's Jalapeno Pepper Flakes are made from the highest quality jalapenos. Add them to chili, pizza, pasta, marinades or any spicy recipe.

Jalapeno Pepper Flake Window Tin (2.2 oz)
Jalapeno Pepper Flakes Jar (2.9 oz)
Jalapeno Pepper Flakes Bulk Container (8.0 oz)

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